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Students Make Trip to KC for the Chiefs Super Bowl Parade

By: Hannah Waldera

Wednesday, February 15th, the Chiefs celebrated their Super Bowl victory with a parade in Kansas City, giving many Graceland students the chance to attend this event. The students could see the players and enjoy the experience with friends, as many students went in groups.

The women’s soccer team students took a trip to Kansas City to enjoy the experience together. Hannah Marshall, a junior at Graceland and a part of the team, says that this was a “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity” to be able to attend the parade. Marshall also explains that attending the Chiefs parade was a great experience because “it is important for internationals to see American culture when they come to Graceland so they can experience the university and the culture.” For some internationals, opportunities like these do not happen often. This allowed students who have never experienced this part of American culture to get the opportunity to.

Ally Laverty was another student who decided to attend the Chief parade. Laverty says that this is not her first time attending a Chiefs parade but that she still felt like it was important to attend this year. She says it was “a memorable moment” and one that she’ll “never forget.” Laverty had the opportunity to touch Travis Kelce which was an amazing opportunity for someone who is a Chiefs fan.

Whether you are a Chiefs fan or not, the parade was a great experience for students to be able to create memories and strengthen bonds with their friends when they decided to miss classes for the Chiefs parade. This also allowed internationals on campus the opportunity to experience American culture and be able to make the most out of their stay here.

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