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Enactus Goes to Puerto Rico

By: Hannah Waldera

This semester, Enactus took a leadership group to Puerto Rico where they attended the Enactus World Cup and a coral nursery. At these events, students from Graceland University were exposed to many different experiences that created a foothold for projects in the future.

Enactus World Cup was an event where Enactus teams compete with their country and as teams win, they advance to the World Cup which was held in Puerto Rico. Although the Graceland Enactus team did not participate in the World Cup. There were schools from over “two dozen countries and this was an opportunity to meet them,” says Jared Doty, advisor of Enactus. Graceland students were able to meet people from different countries and learn about issues that were important to them and specific to their countries.

While also in Puerto Rico, the Graceland leadership group went to a coral nursery. Delaney Fox explained that they learned how a family of alumni living in Puerto Rico is using micro fragmentation to restore coral at their own coral nursery. Delaney explained that Marissa Myer, alumni of Graceland, will be restoring “100,000 corals annually by taking micro fragments from the ocean and bringing them into her tanks where she will grow them and replant them later on.”

The Graceland leadership group got to learn more about the process and wanted to help assist Marissa in this process. Jared Doty explained the purpose of going to the coral nursery saying, “our goal was to lay down groundwork needed to start taking groups there to assist in volunteering with the coral reef project.” Although this was only a visiting trip for the leadership group, Enactus hopes to continue to send groups to the coral nursery in the future to assist the Graceland alumni in Puerto Rico.

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