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Family Dollar - Dollar Tree Coming Soon to Lamoni

By: Abigail Barnes

The Family Dollar-Dollar Tree is set to open in late April, early May in Lamoni this year. The two stores have combined to directly benefit small towns across the Midwest. Small towns have historically had very limited retail options. The store explains that shoppers often must travel long distances to meet all their shopping needs, and Family Dollar-Dollar Tree is determined to change this. This store will have seasonal decorations and equipment off all kinds whether it be for summer BBQ’s, fall décor, school crafts, holiday gifts, or plain groceries.

Picture by Clara Cleland-Leighton shows new Family Dollar-Dollar Tree as it finishes up construction.

As of now there are currently six hundred Family Dollar-Dollar Trees open in towns with populations between three and four thousand. Lamoni City Hall thought that we as a community would benefit greatly from having another store open to the public. We have limited options here consisting of only Dollar General and Hy-Vee. Opening Family

Dollar-Dollar Tree might attract more people to our small town as well as make those living here more content. Many people in the community are very excited about the opening of the store. With the hours being cut back on the Dollar General in town, Lamoni residents are more than excited to have another place to shop. Many have pointed out that the closest town to Lamoni that holds more shopping options is Bethany, which is a thirty-minute drive away. Family Dollar-Dollar Tree will offer the community the same products that they would usually have to travel to Bethany to receive right here in town. All products at Family Dollar-Dollar Tree will range between one and ten dollars, making this store’s savings friendly and perfect for college students. Not only will this store offer new products to the community, but jobs too. Students who are looking for employment may be able to find some at Family Dollar-Dollar Tree. Overall, this store is a great asset to our community and opens potential for our town.

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