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From the Editor

By: Ishbel Wilson

Welcome to the 2022-2023 Tower! For the first time since 1923, the Tower Student Newspaper and Acacia Yearbook are working together once again. The Graceland Buzz is the new, bold Integrated Media Program where the Tower, Acacia, and KBUZZ Radio come together to provide students and alumni with everything they want and need to know. Through this we are working together by sharing reporters and photographers to ensure each aspect of the media is getting the full story. To make sure everyone has easy access to what they need to read or hear, we have a new app that can be downloaded on any cell phone through the Apple App Store or Google Play store. Below you can easily scan the QR code and get “The Graceland Buzz” in just seconds.

As the Editor of the Tower, I look forward to what this year can bring. I am excited to see the growth of not only the Tower, but the Integrated Media as a whole, in hopes of becoming a regular source of news for everyone interested in Graceland. The Tower has seen many phases since its initial start well over 100 years ago. From having a print edition both weekly and bi-weekly at different points to having a solely technology-based newspaper, the Tower has evolved with the world. This year, we have an all-new location on the web where everything Graceland can be accessed. I encourage you to visit, which correlates with the new app, to not only get Tower updates but to keep up on our past, present, and bright future Graceland.

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