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Sodexo Sub Station Updates

By Rian Bevan

Last week, many of us noticed the closed concession window where Sodexo’s new sub-station is. Several students have missed the subs and are unsure of when the station will be back up and running. I interviewed Dave Schaal, the Director of Student Life, to learn more about the future of the sub-station and other Sodexo updates.

When asked about the subs, Schaal says, “The sub-station will be back up. We understand very clearly how much students love the sub-station. Decisions were made that the concessions building would be used to prepare subs, and then they would be brought up to the swarm.”

Though the sub-station is out of commission, due to a broken compressor in the refrigerator that cannot be fixed for at least the next 3 weeks, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Regarding the Swarm, Schaal says, “Come Monday, we will be back to normal with what's being offered, and, as the missing part comes in, Sodexo will be doing its best out of coolers.”

The fridge may take a while to be fixed, but students will be relieved to know that subs will start being served on Monday. Sodexo workers are working hard to remedy the loss of the subs the best they can, making subs out of the concession stand cooler and bringing them to the swarm for everyone to enjoy again. Not only are they reintroducing subs, but many students may have noticed that more options in the cooler section are being stocked. Options like ramen, hot pockets, protein bars, and even new monster flavors are being added.

There is a lot to look forward to with the Swarm and in the Commons. Students voted last year to replace the taqueria with the current sub-station; Sodexo keeps track of how popular their stations are, even having different pop-ups to see what else will work. Students can also give feedback to Sodexo and recommend better options for everyone. Sodexo welcomes feedback and will be having anonymous satisfaction and recommendation surveys in the upcoming weeks.

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