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2023 Academy Awards

By: Hannah Waldera

Graceland has a variety of events on campus which are a great way for students to get involved and enjoy their time in college. Academy Awards is a specific event that is presented by COSA where houses can submit a variety of videos that fit a specific category. This year’s Academy Awards was held on Thursday, March 23rd at the Coliseum in Lamoni. At the Coliseum, the videos submitted for each category were played on the big screen and the winners of each category were announced. The Academy Awards had winners in the following categories: ads, music videos, mockumentaries, miscellaneous, day in the life, and others.

Faunce took home the Academy Award for Miscellaneous.

Faunce won the miscellaneous category with their video called “Dustin Watches.” The video was about Faunce member, Dustin Robinson, watching a variety of different shows. When Faunce won the award, they talked about how they have been waiting “three years to make this video.” Max Weesner, the House President of Faunce expanded on this by giving background information about how they came up with this topic. He explained that the video was to convey the idea of what really happens when Robinson watches television and how he cannot leave shows in his “continue watching” unfinished. Weesner went on to explain that no matter how “terrible” the show is, Robinson will continue to watch it simply because he cannot leave it unwatched.

In the Ad category, Sariah won with their ad called the “Sariah Squatter.” Savannah Marshall was one of the main characters in this video for Sariah and describes their video as “the most Sariah video” they could have done. Marshall explained that their video described their personality and characters on their hall.

Sariah took home an award for Best Ad.

Just as Sariah’s video was, Academy Awards is a great opportunity for houses to show their personalities to other people on campus and allow them to express themselves. People can be creative and create videos with their housemates as it also serves as an opportunity to bond with the people involved in making the videos as well. For example, Rylee Zimmerman is a freshman on Khiyah and while this was her first Academy Awards, she “really enjoyed the experience of getting to bond and create videos” with the people on her hall. Zimmerman was able to get closer with the people on her hall as they all connected over contributing to the video.

Academy Awards is a great event that Graceland has for students to participate in. The friendships that people on hall get to strengthen through making these videos and the entertainment of watching other videos brings the community together. Being able to attend Academy Awards in another great experience for students on campus to time for relaxation and enjoyment outside of academics. As Marshall says, Academy Awards was a “10/10 recommend” do to the ability to not only participate in the making of the videos but also going to the Coliseum and watching the videos on the big screen.

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