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Moores Always Doing More

By: Jillian Hough

When Grace Moores first came to Graceland from Woodbine, IA, she had dreams of becoming a Physical Therapist, but those dreams soon changed.

After taking a business class her freshman year, Moores gained an appreciation for the Business Administration department and changed her major. She soon took on an Economics major as well, unsure of her future but deciding to follow her passions. She says, “I’ve switched a lot, but I think I’ve finally found my niche.” She explains, “I really enjoy my teachers, so if I like the teacher, I like the class,” especially in reference to one of her favorite classes, Data Analytics. Moores has also recently taken on a Studio Art minor.

Moores credits the vast number of opportunities that Graceland offers in finding her passions. She is on the leadership council of ENACTUS and an active member of the Community Development Club, Investment Club, COSA, and Paloma’s House Council. Her favorite part of Community Development is that she can take her and other people’s ideas and make them into a reality. She says, “Everyone in the club is a doer, so we all just do stuff.” Some of their most recent projects were adding a ledge to the mural by the coffeehouse and decorating an artificial tree to take place of the one that had been cut down near the Commons. She is now looking forward to their upcoming volunteer day, where students help out with weeding, cleaning, landscaping, and more. She hopes that this day will evolve into a large effort to help Facility Services before 2023 Homecoming.

One of Moores’ recent accomplishments was securing an internship doing campground management this summer. Her love of development and coordinating people has manifested into a future of Operations Management. She says, “I love being behind the scenes and getting things done.” Ishbel Wilson, another member of the Community Development Club, shared, “Grace is a strong leader who is always taking initiative to both start projects and follow through to finish them.” Although her two majors, minor, and several extracurriculars keep her busy, she is excited for her future both at Graceland and the years to follow.

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