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Democrats: Come Out to Iowa Caucus January 15

The Decatur County Democratic Party’s 2024 Iowa precinct caucuses will be held at Graceland’s Shaw Center at 7:00 pm on Monday, January 15. Students and faculty may register as Democrats on site, if not already affiliated, and participate in voting.

Registration opens at 6:00 pm, and attendees must be in line by 7:00 to be included. All registered Democrats are eligible, as are those who wish to join the party. Non-Democrats may observe.

The event will comprise party business, election of delegates and alternates to the next level, election of county central committee members, and submission of platform resolutions. All are welcome to offer ideas for the platform.

This year, presidential candidates will not be chosen at the caucus. Instead, registered Democrats may request an absentee presidential preference card before February 19 to fill out and return to the state party. Results will be announced on March 5, the date of the Super Tuesday primaries.

The world-famous Iowa caucuses occur once every four years. Don’t miss your chance to participate in 2024.

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