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Graceland's Labyrinth

By: Breeanna Greer

If you need somewhere to ease stress, pray, or hope for answers, The Labyrinth is the way to go. The Labyrinth is a patterned spiral in the shape of a circle. There is only one way in and one way out. In talking with Mike Hoffman, he explained that, originally, the Labyrinth was used for religious purposes. Before you enter, you remember or think of something you want answered. As you walk, you release energy, or you pray. Once you find the center, you receive a blessing or a message. Then, as you walk out, you process, and return to the world as a changed person. However, there have been new understandings that the Labyrinth can also ease stress and anxiety of those that do not use it for religious purposes. Instead of praying, you can release energy and just relax while making your way through the Labyrinth.

Graceland’s Labyrinth is in the Cheville Chapel, in the sanctuary. It was paid for by the 21-22 school year Senate and by ministry practicum. This specific Labyrinth is called Abingdon and was made by The Labyrinth Company.

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