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Success Coaches Lead Time Management Workshop

By: Hannah Waldera

Being able to properly manage time and workloads is something that is important for college students, which is why this past week Graceland University’s student success coaches held a time management workshop. At the workshop, they discussed ways in which students can better manage their time and help them discover resources when they are struggling and may need extra help. The workshop also provided open discussion for students to reflect on their time management and learn what they are doing well or what needs to be improved.

The time management workshop provided students with resources and strategies that they can use on their own whenever they need them. For example, the workshop showed students the importance of having meetings with their professors so students can build important relationships with their professors. If the students ever needed to meet with a professor for any reason this helps them not be as nervous about talking to them.

Another important topic that the time management workshop talked about was mental and emotional health. Jose Alcorta, a student success coach at Graceland says, “we know that sometimes things don’t go according to plan and it’s okay to take a mental health day to disconnect as a student.” The workshop provided reassurance to students who feel the pressure of school, relationships, and other events on campus.

Lastly, at the workshop, they listed specific resources on campus that students are welcome to use. For example, students have access to free counseling, success coaches, a writing enter, and a tutoring center. Each of these resources can help in a variety of ways and if you are wanting more information about these resources or the workshop itself, the student success coaches are located on the second floor of the Zimmerman building.

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