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Integrated Media: Who Are We?

By Hannah Waldera

Do you know about your school’s newspaper, yearbook, or radio? These are all student-led media that are part of Gracelnad’s Integrated Media. Integrated Media is a job for students at Graceland where they can report on current events on campus in a variety of ways. Integrated media consists of the Acacia, the yearbook, Tower, the newspaper, and KBUZ, the radio station. Each part of Integrated Media reports and captures Graceland’s most essential and exciting events, including changes at Graceland, organizations, faculty, and tips and tricks to make the college experience better.

You may have seen Tower Tuesdays on Graceland’s Instagram account or printed out in your mailbox. Articles that writers have written are showcased on Instagram with links to the article and the GU Buzz app where students and other viewers can access the articles as well as the KBUZ radio.

Integrated Media has also been active on campus with printouts. Found in mailboxes or other areas around campus, every two weeks printouts are given with a chosen article or two that report on interesting information. The printout also includes fun activities such as work searches or last year there was a “Where’s Waldo” picture with hidden professors as “Waldo.” Integrated Media is becoming more present throughout campus. The main goal is to get information to not only students but parents, faculty, alumni, future students, and more.

The topics are chosen by platform leaders and writers to give you the best information and stories happening on campus. Writers work hard to find compelling interviewees and put together well-written articles to keep you updated on what is happening on campus and around the world.

The yearbook is also produced by Integrated Media. Mike Hoffman, the advisor for Acacia, plays a large role in organizing photos and captions. There is a combined effort to put together the yearbook as writers may have articles for the newspaper or the yearbook and the same with photographers. This is beneficial to everyone involved because if there is a main highlight for the yearbook it may be an important event to showcase in the newspaper as well which can help students have access to those articles or pictures if they do not buy a yearbook. The yearbook is also designed and put together by students involved in Integrated Media.

KBUZ is another aspect of Integrated Media. KBUZ is a radio station at Graceland that does similar things to the Tower and Acacia. The radio station discusses upcoming events, exciting news, and other interesting topics. Many people do not know that there is a radio station at Graceland which needs to be made more aware. KBUZ is run by a small group of students who are looking to expand their numbers to help gain more awareness of the radio.

Integrated Media is a great opportunity for students to get a job on campus that could open the door to journalism, photography, or graphic design when a part of designing the yearbook or printouts. Integrated Media is looking to expand the number of writers in order to produce more articles. If you are interested in joining Integrated Media in any aspect, whether that be a photographer, writer, or a part of the yearbook, feel free to reach out to Mike Hoffman or other people you may know who are a part of Integrated Media. Be on the lookout for new articles on the GU Buzz app, Tower Tuesdays, and the printouts to come.

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