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KBUZ is Live!

By Caden Lopez

The KBUZ Radio station is back at Graceland! And there's a lot to be excited about...

Starting in 1916, the school’s radio station has a long history, and there's much more to come as the integrated media team looks to revamp it with student interests, podcasts, and even student-made music.

The station suffered from the COVID-19 pandemic and had trouble recovering but is currently playing festive Christmas music to fit the holiday season. Because many students are unaware of KBUZ Radio or forgot about it, the station's biggest concern is what music and media to curate and play after winter break.

In hopes of increasing engagement, the station is looking to hire students to work for the radio station and have them play the music they like, such as country, rap, R&B, or anything that can fit the campus guidelines, of course. Other endeavors could potentially be news on campus, including student-made podcasts, podcasts that students want to share, and even student-made music. These goals were explained by Matt Schneider, the faculty advisor to KBUZ.

As stated by Schneider, the main goal of the station is to reach the students on campus, spreading news and enjoyment to them while offering them job opportunities and potentially creating internships for them as well.

KBUZ Radio can be listened to on the Graceland website and the Graceland Buzz app.

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