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Intercultural Celebration Tomorrow, February 25th

By: Abigail Barnes

The Intercultural Celebration will be held Saturday February 25th from 2-3:30 pm in the Shaw Center Lobby. This is the 17th annual Cultural Celebration that Graceland has had so far. There are twenty-seven countries that are being represented this year. Each country will have a table with information and food pertaining to their culture. This festival is meant to build relationships between our students here at Graceland. It is a great way to learn about those around you and bond. There will be a live performance put on by Khoso Bilawal during the festival. This year’s Intercultural Celebration is being put on by the International Club. Diana Jones is the director of the Intercultural office and encourages everyone to go to the celebration. Jones tells us that 12% of our student body here at Graceland are international students. Each country at the festival represents where around the world Graceland students have come from. Come show support and join us for this great celebration.

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