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Intramural Soccer Championship

By: Hannah Waldera

Intramural soccer took place this fall with the championship being held on September 25th. The four halls that made it to the championship were Khiyah and Cheville playing against Solah and Powell. Overall, the game was very exciting and intense with some important highlights and major plays for both teams.

Early on, Mason Vander Woude in goal for Powell and Solah, made very good saves to keep Khiyah and Cheville off the board. Throughout the game, Mason would continue to have a major impact on his team to stop attacking chances by Khiyah and Cheville.

Later in the first half, Logan Book for Powell opened the scoring for the championship game. He had a deep shot that just went over the hands of the keeper for Cheville and Khiyah. Not long after Logan’s goal, Johan Carlson scored in a 1v1 with the keeper for Cheville and Khiyah to even the score before halftime.

As the second half kicked off, both teams were evenly matched and both keepers were doing well stopping opposing attacks. The game remained tied until 10 minutes left in the second half when Cheville and Khiyah was awarded a penalty kick, taken by Daniel Orozco, putting them up 2-1. As time was running out, minutes left in the game, Mason Vander Woude made the score 2-2 for Solah and Powell by a penalty kick.

At the end of regular time, the score was 2-2 which led the championship game to head into overtime. Overtime rules include 10 minutes under the golden goal and if still scoreless, then into penalty kicks. As time was running out, a golden goal by Brendyn Padget for Cheville and Khiyah, ended the game. Cheville and Khiyah won the championship after an intense and exciting game.

Jace Elliott, assistant coach for Cheville and Khiyah, said that the key to winning the game was their effort level as a team. “All of our guys played really hard, and we all hustled,” said Jace. Cheville and Khiyah were able to put the ball in the net in overtime after being conceded against first in the first half, their handwork kept them in the game and able to win the championship.

Even after playing two games before the championship, Powell and Solah came out with a strong performance. Mason Vander Woude for Powell said that despite the loss he was pleased with his team’s performance. “I was really happy with what my team brought out today, it was hard work and energy,” said Mason.

Congrats to both teams for making it to the championship game, it was very enjoyable to watch and was an overall great atmosphere.

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