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New Years in November - A First Year Perspective

By: Breeanna Greer

New years in November is a yearly event run by COSA (Campus Organization of Student Activities). It became a way for students to bring in the new year together since they would not actually be together for the new year's celebration. Starting in 1990, this is the 32nd year of New Year’s in November! This year's theme was disco, which was decided by house representatives. Other options that were considered were black and white, 2000’s, and met gala. Extra benefits to the disco celebration included things such as caricatures, a mocktail bar, a photobooth, and food.

I asked first year students what their point of view of New Years in November was, and these are some responses:

“Going into that night I was astonished at how much more went into it. It appeared more formal than a high school dance. From the red-carpet entrance to the mock tails, it was quite an experience. My favorite part of it all was the game room. They had retro décor all around the game room! They even had a couple of arcade games.” -Jessa Harms

“When I first heard about New Years in November, I thought that was such a weird thing to do. But as time went on, I understood the reason behind it. I thought it had a very sentimental meaning and was a wonderful way to celebrate together. Seeing everything that went into it; the planning and the decorations, seeing everyone have so much fun together and enjoy themselves, and everyone fitting the theme so well, it was really something to experience.” -Breeanna Greer

“During the experience, I certainly felt a lot of the opportunities available like photo booths and mock tail bar were reflective of what I think of new year's.” -Logan Miller

“I was surprised there was not as much emphasis on the new year's part. I was expecting the celebration of “new year's” and the countdown to be a bigger deal, but those seemed a bit like an afterthought...”

“It's also nice that everything is free so there is not really a limit on what activities you can do or how many times you can do them.” -Emily Shanmugam

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